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s.jpeg Mu-young is invisible and shown as spirituality

show the invisible visible.


It is unbeatable and something that becomes clear.

Seoungwun shines brightly so you can move forward.

Mind and thoughts needs light healing(휠링) to become clear and pure and be changed.

The spirit, the flesh, and the soul needs sparkle healing(힐링) to move forward. 

The top - mind and thought, and the bottom - the spirit, the flesh, and the soul need to become one in order to head in the right direction. The bottom and the top needs to be separated in order to continue on its way.

you can win the unbeatable

you need to become clear to be seen clean and to know



slip through, touched by the earth, the vapor from the earth

both hands expands by 머리노공

energy that comes from hands


L Rod

measuring the energy of ghost on the surface of the soul with a tool


The energy of the gods of heaven 

opening up 백회

백회 needs to be open so energy can come from the palm

energy can come from the writing because the energy comes from the fingertips

opening the door of the sprit is 안수이치

the god of the sky controls human

the door of the spirit 

opening in the heart

opening the heart

opening the heart with something that is opening in your heart  

heart needs to be open to hug and embrace everything 


Open Gaecheonmun the door of the spirit(영문) with mind 

Open the energy of the gods of heaven the door of the soul(혼문) with thoughts


It is opening 모공 

You can open 모공 with mind, open it with thoughts in your mind 

When you don't have thoughts, you say stupid nonsense and 

when you don't have the soul you act like a dork

When you have your soul you say things with the core

The reason why there is no soul is because the soul escaped due to stress shock 

and religious soul comes and stuck in your thoughts. It is because of religious soul 

Ghost in the flesh will disappear when you get rid of religious soul 

the reason for deep resent meant is the soul

There is vein of water in thoughts because the spirit goes up to mind 

There is deep resentment in thoughts because the spirit goes on to thoughts

You don't realize the deep resentment when your thoughts are possessed by ghost. 

When you open your 모공 the deep resentment in your thoughts disappears.

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