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The spirit, body and mind are developed in mother's womb,

your thoughts, flesh, and soul forms itself when you come out of the mother's womb.


The top becomes head, mind, and thoughts,

chest-sprit pit of the stomach-soul is located at the bottom and the middle and they are consist of the flesh.

The body and the flesh, the two combines into one and becomes one body.

The top and the bottom, the two become one, the body and the flesh form one body.

In the invisible world, sometimes the soul goes up to your thoughts and read it

and behave badly.

Although it is invisible, it appears visible, the soul goes to your thoughts

The spirit goes to your mind, and control and strike.

Sometimes it happens because the soul and the sprit is switched but mainly because the essence itself is bad.

It needs to be your own sprit and soul in order not to harm others and be on the right path.

Getting rid of the bad nature when you are alive is not only good for yourself but also good at the air in the earth.

When you die, your mind and body disappears and the sprit goes up.

When thoughts are incinerated and energy of the flesh is dissipated, vein of water of the soul that are connected to 지기지수 disappears.

The reason why these ride 지수 is because your body has 지수 and riding the vein of water is how ghost operates.

Ghosts cling to the surface of the body and the soul cause bad smell and lead to pain and death.

As you live life, it is connected, caused by mind, thoughts, mental 지수,

and the connection cased the problem.

In order to become nothing, the beginning of human being, from the start to before the end of death, the water(수) needs to be abolished in 지기 and the form of water(수) connected by water when alive, needs to fall out from the flesh.

We can go back to nature when ghost of the soul becomes extinct and incinerate, and connection gets broken, 

something becomes nothing and disappears.

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