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Healing in Seongwun is that
when you trust it in your head
it appears in the present from your thought.  
When mind and thoughts in the invisible world, need to be well organized, 
the flow and the circulationㄴ will become smooth,
so the reality that appears now and currently will get better.

Things that are accomplished in your mind are same as things that are currently exist in you. 

The speech healing (말로치유) healing by talking and going into your mind and thoughts 
and is accomplished in your body and the flesh.

Malu healing (말루치유) is turning into 말 양energy,
healing family, a genetic factor that came down to the flesh.

The spirit flesh healing (영 육치유)
The soul spirit healing (혼 영치유)
The inner external healing (내적 외적치유)
The spirit soul healing (영 혼 치유)
The body flesh healing (몸육 치유)
The soul flesh healing (혼육치유)
It becomes one, one person one body (일인 일체)
when three-in-one (삼 일체) that used to control with body needs to become one 

a site 수풍 a location building business 인혈 인자리 터을 vein back and forth a blood vessel turn up and down
taking out 지살 changes 인 and it changes Feng-Shui Theory(풍수지리) and it changes what one's doing 

a man(인) purse(맥) life(목숨) sky(천) man's life span 
psychological wavelength is the relationship between sky man earth man that happens on the ground 
wave of a mental disease mental illness physical illness physical healing that doesn't change

 inheritance karma 억보 인보 jealousy stress depression insomnia alcoholism obesity 
it is realized by flesh of mind caused by Bullies sexual addict gambling amnesia
heart kidney hepatitis liver stomach small intestine large intestine realized in thoughts by body
thyroid lung  bronchial tubes cough asthma leukosis  stroke bone marrow
Because cancer is caused by fatigue, causes disease and it passes down from parents to children

When the illness is cured by the speech healing, 
oneself knows that his/her body is completely cured
and realize that the ill part of the body got better.

It can be done by once and when the illness is very serious it may need to be done three times.

What is soul what is spirit?

After six nine, a sperm meets an egg. Starting from a dot, sprit is created and it is number nine.

When beginning one's existence, soul is created
Starting from the flesh, it is a circle and number nine.

Formulated by soul circle in dot sprit 
the sprit wanders around the surface of the soul 
nine starts from the dot that creates the body
six is the formulation of dot and circle when the body gets out
This is six nine theory,a small earth, a circle inside of a human

you need to set up the center of the spirit and soul
divide the center of the body and flesh

mind and thought in the upper part of the body
spirit solar plexus soul in the lower part of the body and chest
the spirit and the soul at the top become one unit
thoughts and mind at the bottom become one identical
the soul at the bottom and the thoughts at the top needs to be separated
chest and the sprit at the bottom needs to be alive 
so mind can be separated into one and become a united.
mind is alive when soul and mind exist.
Because there are soul and thoughts, we are living while thinking

There is mind when there is sprit in flesh 
it needs to exist as soul in the body in order to think and for the body to moves and work

spirit soul thought mind, even if just one of them is not in the right way
core won't stand straight
you can't have a wrapped tight mind thoughts and can't live the right way.

living with spirt but without soul
is because soul escapes because of 지수 of the body.

body in flesh needs to become flesh in body
thoughts wandering in mind occurs at the top
soul circle goes around dot sprit

soul goes up to thoughts and use technique 
pull down the soul from the top to the right place

fonticulus need to be opened in order for 천수 gets opened
and soul opens and goes down 
지문 of the closed soul opens so 살기 falls out with 지기
body pore needs to be opened so 육모공 opens
영 문 opens and and it falls out from top to bottom
It is 지문 that gets out and it is 천문 that opens

root of sprit falls out and extinguishes and incinerates stem of soul

sprit and soul needs to be formed to go right forever and as ever.
based on the birth place, vapor from earth, location, and 지전류
If you receive 지수지맥 to your mind and thoughts when you are born
it gets bad and cannot show one's ability
When someone is born in a place where 지기맥 exist
air current flows in the body and flesh goes well
body and flesh match and human and time fall into one place 
so he/she becomes master or a great figure.

When you opened the door of Seongwun, good fragrance comes out 

It means when you receive the healing 
you find your own spirit and it becomes clear
soul is clean and body emits good scent
your life pass is good.

Without seeing the cause and occurrence of the events
Seongwun knows as if it is shown.
can restore it with by reflecting light that illuminates one sides on three sides
Malu healing is the healing that light shine goes into the spirit and spread out as light beam fire
currently that appears as two that are hidden but visible
matches into one so one can live as oneself.

Seongwun is not a religious group but immaterial.

Corrects your own self and let you live one your own

 등록제  41-  0208941 호  제 44 류   건강 (Health)
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            Regardless of religion, Seongwun corrects your own self and let you live on your own
            Phone  02 - 592 - 9669   02 - 3476 - 0404   Counsel  050 - 2280 - 1004 

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