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Depending on how you behave, your soul could get possessed by a spirit.

When your soul is possessed by a sprit, you can't see your way

you go round and round, running around in circles everyday 

Your mind gets weak,  life is not stable and you are feeling uncomfortable.

When death energy of the thoughts is extreme, 

you will fully rely on the object and act particularly maniacally 

so death energy can stick to others.  

When your front side is covered,  things don't work out well

and you won't be able to look at the broader spectrum boldly.

Depending on the location or the status of the counterpart's mind,

ghost of the spirt can fall off from the words and get in to your body,

it goes up to your mind, you'll get irritated and it will make your body tired 


When your mind is clear it can't invade, when it is clean, it will become calm

you'll be able to see your way.

When your inside and outside grow at the same time,

life and society becomes more prosperous and flourish.

When you cover the head, you'll get excessively impetuous, 

you won't be able to see it. 

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