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Don't talk about what's inside of you to a counterpart.

Because of me, even when it's not a bad relationship, it will be considered as a bad 

it could offend someone and the one that's offended will speak ill of you 

when they think about you, it will come to you and hurt you or kill you.

It is done by the ghost, covered by soul.

When you are strong, it doesn't matter.

If you do it to a strong one, it will return to the one that sent it. 

Death of the soul god will hurt you.

If things don't work out, it is done by soul.

They get along with each other well so the ghost like it and form a relationship.

 It is unlucky

Soul god only comes at night and death comes to thoughts

When you think, soul comes and can possess the name too.

Your soul covers you so you can't see and trouble you. 

In life, your devotion and commitment will bring good fortune in the end.

You live with a mind of sacrifice, you can communicate well automatically and go well.

It needs to touch the heart, and head mind needs to be fixed to care for others.

When you care for nothing but self, and you are not humble. 

You need 心 so it comes out of the chest.

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