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Trend, world flow 

A clear stream, bright (spirit), clear (soul). clear world, clear flow

murky flow, integrity (spirit) Justice (soul) alive, rotten one, murky flow 

You need to leave from the problem of the pleasure and suffer 

through the mind of gene that is not me,

only who's ready to recover. 


You need to get out of the mental restriction called hobby 

and your body needs to be changed 

to realize the essence and value of the life. 

Achievements by reflecting on yourself

and though your experience and handwork, persistent and sweat

feeling the truth,

is bigger than the achieving with gifted talents.  

The opponent covers and traps you by thoughts.
When the trap is gone, 

your mind will clear up and you will have right thoughts.

Let's live life like life. 

You won't be successful just because you are fluent 

You need to talk about things that will bring happiness to others 

and be kind and support others.

If you speak out what you have in mind 

others will take the luck with money.

If your soul is clear and spirit is clean, it won't matter. 

It's better that you don't say thing inside of you

because when you release it in words, good things will leave too.

You should talk about visible words,

achievable words.  


When you are upset and lament 

you shouldn't say what's deep in your mind. 


When you classify the % of the origin of disease. 

disease comes and forms from food by 30%, 

from disease by 10%from soul sprit by 60%from soul sprit by 60%.

There's death in words. It comes from the father side and applies. 

If you say what's deep inside of you

good things will slip.

There's death in your memory so it comes down by words. 

Mind memory death comes down to the father side. 

Root is important.

There is an old saying, as is the king, so is the people. 

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