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Water wind

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 Dead soul and sprit become water vein.

Soul of the dead comes to the living and live a possessed life. 

Spirit of the dead comes to the living and share the life.

You eat the food and spirit of the dead drinks alcohol 

you become someone else possessed by the alive soul,


Becoming earth energy and water vein of soul god. 

Water vein radiation     earth current        water vein 

When water flows and collected

so you have water in the body before you die, 

you'll be wet when you are dead. 

When there's dead energy in the body, you'll have them when you are dead.

When you have a lot to regret in life, you'll have it when you are dead.

When you have hard feelings in life, you'll have them when you are dead.

 You need to die with anything wrong.  

When the water fills the grave

the soul suffers

soul god goes the the child by water vein.

When water vein goes to the head side

it goes down to the genetic factor relation of the soul. 

Connected by the soul god, earth energy comes to soul and connected to all the roots. 

When the water is fully filled in, it gets dark, it has high influence in the lower generation.

It makes the diseases occurs in the direction of the water vein radiation 

makes the water vein hit the weak area of you constantly 

and make you week and sick. 

Resembling your parents means that you resemble their soul 

Soul is created when soul god comes in at the location you were born  

Root and soul are related.

The soul root relationship of father side goes down one generation and

there are root of the soul and root of the spirit. 

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