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where the ground is dented and water always stays or a situation when you can't get out

Life..  from the hatred and resentment to understanding and love

yourself need to change 

so stamp would disappear in father and son relationship & daughter and mother relationship

When you get stressed 

that will generate poison in soul 

and burn up the body and creates soul poison 

It is going up from down children to up mother.

When yourself change,

your mother will be happy so justice wins the devil

If you don't change, devil will win justice.

There are 2 kinds like below 

These get stressed too.  

Peeling the front you know from the inside 

Because it is ridiculous, it accomplishes from the mind soul

you don't acknowledge what's wrong with the peeling the front. 

The reason is it happened within the 100 days.

Soul. You need to solve that


you saw it but pretend like you didn't see it. 

ignoring from the sprit

you know it but pretend like you don't know it. 

you might not realize that you turned a blind eye to it. 

It can happened after your first birthday.


you need to solve that. 

Loving yourself is loving your spirit.

Sprit is the body

Ultimately, it's loving your body.

Flesh is the bone.

Soul comes in riding the bone.

Flesh and body should get along. 

When father's property comes down, that is the sprit.

mother's soul comes down so you'll resemble them. 

Death in the sprit goes down. 

It is the death that goes down. 

Children get hurt by the parents.

You need to get rid of the fundamental that's stuck inside.

It is related to stress

and comes out on the surface of the skin.

spirit age spot gout anger
 go up but don't go down. 


It applies to husband.

Because of the substances resentment in child's mind applies

but it won't become betterment in mind.

Parents won't blame the children but children usually blame the parents. 

Depends on how the seed is.

You need to find your own spirit

so it becomes the right seed. 

If children hate the father 

children's soul poison goes up to the father

and that soul poison goes down to the children 

your soul poison is coming back to you.

That's why you should pay off old score.

If you make your parents worry very much

you'll worry about something very much.

Because we get free from the stuffiness in mind by meeting each other not by materials, you should visit them often.

If you are busy at least give them a call

that will make you feel comfortable so the spirit feels happy and like it.

When your father and mother are comfortable and happy

it is good for yourself 

Don't exclude your father

Shingles happens because you have death in your body.

Gout comes to you because of the dirty water from water vein.

It's mother's fault. 

You try to do good to your children but

it will go down to the children in the end.

Even when you are dead

it will go down as a genetic factor. 

There are children oil and mother water

and the totally opposite.

water is the fundamental problem. 

To find it, you need to go upstream and find the cause 

When you come to Seongwun,

you will know by yourself.

It is like.. when you melt gold it becomes liquid so you can pour it to a cast you want.

and when you melt used, dirty and old gold, it born as new without the impurities. 

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