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Resentment will go down to the next generation

There's soul in the mind

soul of remorse of the wife's mom's dad's side 

comes to the thoughts

soul comes to the mind

there is soul in the thoughts

the bitterness of the husband's mom's mother in law

comes to the thoughts

Bitterness comes to the thoughts the dead and resentment to the mind 

When children do good to the parents 

the resentment and bitterness will resolve.

Children should talk to their parent a lot when they are still alive.

If the parents are happy and it will be good to the children.

Let's look back the life. 

If you been living stupid, how empty and remorseful would it be? 

Instead of worrying about death,

when you look back the life before you die, 

why did I live like that? 
rather than feeling successful, you might have more regrets. 

You should check if you've been living with some plans as you look back.

You should broaden the perspective to be able to see your future path

otherwise you'll live with regrets.

Due to the stress, your body and flesh won't get along.

The spirit and the soul will flip,

Soul will go up to the spirit

and the spirit will go down to the soul.

When the thoughts flip 

death will come to the soul.

Soul spirit healing

You will feel our in the solar plexus

and can't sleep well due to the anxiety in mind and get depressed.

When you get riled up due to the stress in the mental,

death will come to the soul.

Spirit soul healing

It makes you feel stuffy because of the lava in the chest

creates unstable factor and re-checks again

you'll have severe absent minded

When the soul is connected

when the body and soul are connected

when the flesh and other soul are connected

it's bad for you.

If you talk about your private family history,

the other's soul will connect to your body's soul 

it's bad for you.

It's good when husband and wife are connected, body to body and flesh to flesh.

you need to have the right mind and body. 

When the baby is born to the world

it get's hit by the death, suffer bad luck and get death. 

If you have death in your body

opponent's soul mind will hit you

If you have death in flesh

opponent's soul thought will hit you. 

If you have death, you will have difficulty in life,

and the smell of the death will seep in your clothes.

Family should stick together to live happily. 

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