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About us

SW Remote healing 

The SW healing will be done remotely due to many applicants this year. By doing so, we can heal many people and keep this for free. 

What we do. 

We take out the negative energy from you and send the positive energy to you; so you can find your true soul and fine purpose in your life. 

You'll become healthy and happy too!

What we need to know

1. Please tell us your name, address, age

2. Areas of concern. 

Why did you sign-up for this? What do you want to fix in your life? (e.g. Insomnia, depression, cancer. Obese. divorce....?)

3. Tell us your availabilty. Please give us several days so we can find an empty spot for you. Please allow upto 30 minutes. 


You dont have to share any of these information if you're not comfortable. We don't share the information with anyone. 

The more information that you share with us the better healing we can deliever. 

Everything happens for a reason. 

How to?

After filling out the contact information, we will contact you with a scheduled time. 

All you need to do is just be aware that you're being healed at that time and receive it with gratitude and love. 

Last step! 

After you receive the healing, please write a review here. How you feel before and after the healing. How your view of life has changed and how happy and healthy you've become. Just by reading your review, others can be healed too. 

Feel free to share this with friends and family that also need help. 

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